Thursday, February 11, 2016

Setting The Vision

     At the outset of this blog I want to thank all those who have heard my story and have inspired
me to share it for others.  At the moment my inspiration for starting this blog is a man named
Thomas Mark Zuniga.  In a very candid book he lays out the guts of his life in black and white
for all to see and to glean from.  I want to do the same.  I want my readers(of which I have none
yet) to know they are not alone.  I want them to know that we are here the silent strugglers wondering
am I the only one, does anyone see my plight.  In tears I want to scream to you, yes!!!!  The enemy of our souls wants just that to hide us away in darkness so that sin becomes our outlet for the struggle
instead of support of community.  So I hope these stories that I have yet to put to paper become and inspiration for you to write your own story and come to grips with your own demons.  However ultimately my goal is to put myself out there and for all those who need that friend, that confidant, I want to be that for you, even if only in emotional high of sharing a story here and there. The title is about coming to accept who I am in Christ and accepting what I struggle with.  Not only accepting that this is my struggle but that Jesus loves me in the struggle. So let's begin this journey.